Jennifer Ann Lang Kirkwood


Jennifer’s professional interests concern the power and purposes of schooling. She researches the globalisation of education, specifically the family strategies, national and local aims that drive global citizenship and support elite education. Considering elite and public education as two sides of the same coin, Jennifer’s research strengthens her pedagogical choices and her professional commitment to public education systems that promote and employ democratic principles.


Jennifer has worked full-time at Moray House School of Education and Sport since 2010. During this time she has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students as they seek to enter the teaching profession through Initial Teacher Education (ITE) pathways.


She has been in full-time, continuous, employment related to education since 2002. During this time, Jennifer has had the pleasure of working internationally, teaching hundreds of young people during their primary/elementary education. It has also been her privilege to work with approximately 2000 pre-service Scottish teachers during the formative, early-stage of their professional career. This has provided Jennifer with the opportunity to substantively influence a generation of Scottish teachers.

Jennifer Ann Lang Kirkwood

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