We bring together young professionals from all sectors to work together on projects that benefit Scotland and the world.

YAS delivers projects to help Scotland's people and policy-makers address the grand challenges facing society.

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Our Grand Challenges

  • Environment

    Enabling people in Scotland to thrive sustainably

    We strive to facilitate an inclusive and equitable transition towards a sustainable society, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive within a healthy environment. This includes promoting a low-carbon economy, safeguarding ecosystems and biodiversity, and ensuring decent living standards for all.

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  • Equity

    Enabling a more equitable, diverse, and just Scottish society

    We strive to amplify and elevate the voices of communities and individuals who face barriers to effective participation in decision-making forums. We listen attentively, gather information, distil insights, conduct research, and effectively communicate our findings with the aim of reducing health and social inequalities and promoting wellbeing in Scotland.

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  • Exchange

    Enabling a respectful and inclusive societal exchange

    We strive to facilitate open and inclusive exchange of ideas and perspectives among individuals and diverse groups to encourage dialogue, foster understanding, and support informed decision-making. We aim to promote respectful, balanced discourse throughout Scotland and internationally.

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