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Bernhard Blumenau

Areas of Interest: History

Keywords: political terrorism history europe international politics diplomacy international organisations Germany state terrorism foreign policy

Originally from Germany, Dr Bernhard Blumenau has studied and worked in various countries across Europe over the last 15 years. Since coming to Scotland in 2015, he has been a Lecturer in International Relations at the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) at the University of St Andrews. He is interested in the history of terrorism, state terrorism and antiterrorism at large as well as international cooperation/ diplomacy, and German foreign policy. Currently, Dr Blumenau is working on two research projects: one is a history of how international organisations have dealt with terrorism since the late 1800s. His second project is a book on the (long) history of state terrorism from the Middle Ages until today. You can learn more about his work and publications here.

Within the Young Academy of Scotland, Dr Blumenau is eager to work on the ‘International’ theme and the ‘Increasing Scotland’s positive role in the world‘ Grand Challenge.

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Victoria Loughlan
She designs and delivers interactive and visual ‘big picture thinking’ sessions for senior officials. These sessions focus on addressing key policy challenges, teasing out their interdependencies, and situating them in their global context.

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