ARAR Membership

We recognise that Scotland’s refugee and asylum seeking communities include many people who can make meaningful contributions to Scotland. Since 2016, we have committed to recruiting At-Risk Academics and Refugee (ARAR) professionals as members.

YAS provides ARAR members with access to its network and helps them to regain some of the social and professional capital they lost during their displacement. We firmly believe YAS benefits from their talents, experience, and unique perspectives.

There are no membership fees for ARAR members. Financial support is available to cover costs of ARAR members participating in YAS.

Apply for ARAR Membership

YAS accepts applications for ARAR membership on a rolling basis. To apply, please download the application form via the button below (word document), fill this out and return it to

The YAS Office will confirm receipt of your ARAR membership application by email.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within 5 business days, please contact us.

YAS strives to review ARAR membership applications within 6 weeks of receipt.  Once the review process is complete, the YAS office contacts candidates via email to discuss next steps.

Download ARAR Application Form

ARAR applications are reviewed by a panel of current YAS members, who will decide together whether an applicant will be invited for an interview. Informal interviews are held to help YAS understand how a candidate might contribute to and benefit from YAS membership. The interviews are also an important opportunity for a membership candidate to ask any questions about YAS membership, communicate any concerns to YAS, and let YAS know how they could be supported to become active, engaged YAS members.

Following an interview, the YAS Office shares the interview notes with the Young Academy Facilitating Group (FG), who will decide if the interviewee should be invited to become a YAS member.

An ARAR candidate whose application is unsuccessful may apply for YAS membership during the next regular recruitment round (these occur every other year). Unfortunately, YAS cannot accept repeat applications from previously unsuccessful applicants before the next regular recruitment round.

Successful ARAR membership applicants will begin their membership immediately upon accepting an offer of membership. For ease of administration, their membership will end on either 31 August or 28 February, after they have completed five years of membership (for example, a member who joined YAS on 10 March 2024 would complete their membership on 31 August 2029).

Questions about ARAR Membership?

Don’t hesitate to contact the YAS Office at / 0131 240 5027 for further information about the ARAR membership programme.  We’re very happy to help!