Henry Lovat


Dr Henry Lovat is an international law specialist, with interdisciplinary training in International Law and Political Science/International Relations, and a professional background in international and UK law and policy.

He has a particularly (peculiarly?) longstanding interest in the politics of international law. In this vein, his research at the University of Glasgow primarily focuses on “International Institutions Under Pressure”, examining the manifestations, causes and implications of political resistance to international institutions, especially international courts.

Dr Lovat was formerly a Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow. Before joining academia on a full-time basis, he worked as a legal adviser with the UK Government and British Business Bank, prior to which he was in private practice as an English-qualified solicitor. He has also worked at various points with the Council of Europe, various United Nations bodies, and UK and international NGOs.

While interested in working on a range of issues, Dr Lovat is particularly struck by the “grand challenge” to “increase Scotland’s positive role in the world”. He looks forward to working with others to advance this and other YAS ambitions.

Henry Lovat

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