Tomorrow…Reimagining Our World


Peadar O

Age 10

The Scotland of Tomorrow is a society that is kind and friendly, welcoming people from all over the world to live here. There is no racism! People will lead healthier lives by exercising more and living balanced work-family lives. There are safe walking and cycling paths all over our cities, towns and villages. People no longer die from drugs or smoking. Our houses will be smart! They will be energy neutral by being well insulated as well as generating its own energy. Recycling of water and waste is even automated inside. Food waste is minimized – shops share its excess / old food with charities and we eat local. Our countryside will remain green through tree planting and sustainable farming. All packaging is biodegradable. Scotland leads the world in renewable energy production – solar, wind, hydro and even newer types. We reverse climate change with new technology like carbon trapping. Scotland will invent a transporter for travelling – so we won’t need fuel burning car, buses, planes or trains to travel anymore. A healthy, happy and sustainable Scotland for everyone!!!

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