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Julia Allison

Areas of Interest: Engineering

Keywords: Structural Engineering heritage Data-driven automation Artic Creative collaboration Urban Environment

Julia is a chartered engineer and SER certifier at Arup, an independent firm of engineers and designers working in the built environment. She specializes in structural engineering, in particular the re-purposing of historic buildings. Now is an exciting time to be an engineer because we can meaningfully contribute technical solutions to current global environment and societal issues.

Julia sits on both the Scottish Regional Group Committee and the national Institution of Structural Engineers, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Panel.  Julia is particularly focused on supporting people who are adjusting to major personal health changes.

Outside of work, Julia is a keen runner, mountaineer, skier and milliner.  As a young adult, Julia was captivated by her experiences of science exploration and travel in the Arctic and is a long-standing member of the Scottish Arctic Club.

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Victoria Loughlan
She designs and delivers interactive and visual ‘big picture thinking’ sessions for senior officials. These sessions focus on addressing key policy challenges, teasing out their interdependencies, and situating them in their global context.

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