Eamon Keane


Eamon is an academic at the University of Edinburgh School of Law and a qualified solicitor. He is the Convenor of the Board of the Scottish Legal Action Group, a member of the Law Society of Scotland’s Criminal Law Committee and sits on the Scottish Working Group of the Access to Justice Foundation.

Eamon teaches and researches the Scots law of evidence, with a particular focus on the evidential issues that arise in the context of the prosecution of sexual offending. He is currently working on two books (one on sexual offences and the other on the theoretical underpinnings of the Scots law of evidence). He brings considerable practical insight and understanding of the Scottish criminal justice system to his academic research, through his time spent as a defence solicitor, and latterly as a Legal Officer at the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (a non-departmental public body that investigates potential miscarriages of justice in Scotland). He often provides expert opinion to foreign lawyers on matters relating to the Scots law of evidence.

In his spare time, he enjoys running (slowly) and reading (especially the works of John McGahern, James Baldwin and Hilary Mantel).

Eamon Keane

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