Andy Buckley


Originally from Belfast, Andy has been based in Scotland since 2009, working first at the University of Edinburgh and later at the University of Glasgow, where he holds a professorship in particle physics. His research involves colliding particles at high energies, to understand the fundamental structure of matter and forces, and to search for extensions to our current picture. This work uses artificial-intelligence and other statistical methods, and Andy’s work also involves training students in these techniques via the ScotDIST centre for doctoral training at Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews universities.


More widely, Andy is interested in the use of data and uncertainty in policymaking, and in improving public accessibility to information with which to make better decisions about how to live and act as citizens in the often-overwhelming modern world. He views YAS as an opportunity to fuse ideas from academic science with others’ experience of policy development and outreach into secondary education.

Andy Buckley

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