Educational Equality During Lockdown


Daphne A

Age 11

During lockdown children over Scotland have had to work from home, which means that less privileged children may have not had the opportunity to progress. While at home being apart from others or friends can cause loneliness which further leads to depression and mental health issues. In my submission a single blue tree represents that loneliness, the silhouettes of the two completely different children shows the difference in privilege between child A and B. For example, internet and IT hardware access and things such as time and space. While at home, children have had to communicate and socialise differently. Either through internet or other possible ways. Whether it is for school or simply talking to your friends. Though access to internet is not the same in many families. When creating my poster, I have been trying to show that lockdown has caused loneliness and difficulty through equality and privilege especially through home-schooling for children over Scotland.

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