YAS welcomed as a member of ALLEA


We are delighted to announce that YAS has joined ALLEA, the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities. This achievement opens new opportunities for international knowledge exchange and collaboration. Including Young Academies in eminent bodies like ALLEA amplifies the voice of young researchers within the European research community.

ALLEA brings together more than 50 academies from about 40 European countries. Joining this federation allows YAS to engage with leading experts from across Europe, foster international collaborations, amplify our members’ voices throughout Europe, and benefit from the wealth of expertise and knowledge that ALLEA represents.

We are pleased that the Young Academy of Sweden is joining ALLEA simultaneously with YAS. Scotland and Sweden’s Young Academies were preceded by Die Junge Akademie, the Young Academy of Germany, which became the first National Young Academy to join ALLEA in 2020.

ALLEA President Antonio Loprieno extends a warm welcome to the two Young Academies:

“With the admission of additional and diverse Young Academies to our network, ALLEA has continued the important step in bringing young researchers into interchange with established academics, including and beyond Senior Academies. This enriches discussions across disciplines, borders and, crucially, generations.”