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Please find here a collection of resources, produced for and on behalf of the Young Academy of Scotland. As our membership grows and the Young Academy goes from stength to strength expect to see more and more resources here.

Please also see the Presentations page for some presentations given by YAS members on a variety of subjects. All our publications are available to download.


The Young Academy of Scotland (special project in conjunction with University of St Andrews) Academic Women Now - June 2016

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 The Young Academy of Scotland: Excellence in Education Working Group: Numeracy Counts - September 2014 

Numeracy resource



The Young Academy of Scotland Arts, Humanities and Society Working Group: Arts and Humanities at the Parliament October 2014 



The Young Academy of Scotland: Brexit Observatory (preliminary findings- project ongoing) October 2017

observatory report front cover

The Young Academy of Scotland: BREXIT: The Impact on Scotland September 2017

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The Young Academy of Scotland, Advice Paper - Making Stronger Links: Inter-Disciplinary Learning in Scottish Schools October 2014

Making stronger links

The Young Academy of Scotland and the David Hume Institute: 'The Politicians and the Professionals' - Implications of Constitutional Change March 2014



The Global Young Academy: ‘The Global State of Young Scientists’ Project Report and Recommendations January 2014



The Young Academy of Scotland: Health and Wellbeing Working Group: Adressing Hate and Violence - The Scottish Experience of Communities and Complexities- July 2013

Hate and Violence


Our Members

Davide is from Emilia Romagna, a region in Northern Italy where he studied Agricultural Sciences. He then obtained a PhD degree in Crop Sciences at the University of Milan (2008) before leaving Italy for Germany, to take a post-doctoral position at the Max Planck Institute of Cologne.