Podcast Episode 9 Coastal Climate Change Art


Coastal Knowledge Podcast 9

Find out about how artists are expressing their feelings and views about climate change on the coast.

In this episode we talk to Inge Paneels, Holly Veselka and Michael Begg about art and climate change on Shetland, in Texas and in the Antarctic.

Michael Begg is currently artist in residence at the European Marine Board and will be releasing his latest compilation; Sounding the Ice Factory at the end of April 2023.

Holly Veselka’s video artwork about her Shetland experiences will be on display at the Mareel in Lerwick in April 2023 as well as on her website and on the Shetland Arts X-Change webpage.

Contributors: Niki Vermeulen (YAS), Leslie Mabon (YAS), Sandro Carnicelli (YAS), Inge Paneels (Edinburgh Napier University), Michael Begg (Omnempathy), Holly Veselka (Texas State University) and Chris Bonfiglioli (Director).

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