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My photo of Scotland’s coast: me and my two older brothers at Sandwood Bay (around 2008 I believe): “When we were still children, our parents would take me and my brothers to Sandwood Bay each summer. We would plan for a week, searching for the one sunny day of summer, then rise at dawn to drive the 2 ½ hours from Inverness to the wilds of northern Scotland. The four mile walk to the beach, between rolling hills and the ruins of old crofts always felt fantastical—as we rarely met anyone on the path. The Bay itself was always empty—our playground at the edge of the world, framed by Am Buachaille to the south and Cape Wrath to the north. Looking back now, nearly a decade since our last trip together, all three of us remember Sandwood best of all: when we were free from the constraints of our individual lives; no longer squabbling, but free to be brothers.”

By Rabbie Thorne – Studying for an MA in Politics at the University of Edinburgh

Rabbie Thorne

Sandwood Bay Scotland

This page is part of Coastal Knowledge, an online exhibition mapping some of the amazing places on the coast of Scotland.  It includes pictures, memories, artworks, stories and videos submitted by a variety of people including scientists, artists, coastal dwellers, tourists, and community organisations.  We want to share the beauty of the Scottish coast, but also its vital role in the day-to-day lives of people in Scotland- for example, its many industrial roles.

This exhibition is dynamic and ongoing- and we’d love for you to share contributions for it too!  To learn more and submit your own coastal knowledge, visit the main page of the exhibition.

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