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Newhaven Harbour

In my depiction of Newhaven Harbour, I put focus on the battle between nature and technology in how technological creations or man made structures serve as a restraint against nature trying to break free from it. Nature has a strong character in itself and that I depict using a very strong vivid palette, contrasting that of the more cleaner look chosen for the boats and the buildings. I chose to make nature seem more geometrical in its appearance, with a gradient going from darker to light. The intentions are to show a celebration, one that highlights how explosive nature can be and that it is constantly striving to break free from the tacky concrete shackles created by the buildings.

Victor Nobis

This page is part of Coastal Knowledge, an online exhibition mapping some of the amazing places on the coast of Scotland.  It includes pictures, memories, artworks, stories and videos submitted by a variety of people including scientists, artists, coastal dwellers, tourists, and community organisations.  We want to share the beauty of the Scottish coast, but also its vital role in the day-to-day lives of people in Scotland- for example, its many industrial roles.

This exhibition is dynamic and ongoing- and we’d love for you to share contributions for it too!  To learn more and submit your own coastal knowledge, visit the main page of the exhibition.

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