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Coastal Knowledge

Innellan, Cowal Peninsula

Innellan is a small village built on the shores of the beautiful Firth of Clyde.These Artworks were created inspired by the landscape of the area, abundant in rich cultural heritage and coastal wildlife. The work has been created for the Recycl-Age -Art Exhibition, Granton Hub, North Edinburgh 9-11th July. The exhibition is a fantastic platform to visualise how artists contribute and engage in the narrative of recycling,questioning the sustainability and ecological impact of their artistic process. These Cyanotype printed wall hangings have been created using recycled cotton from pillowcases, stretched over plastic lids from yogurt tubs and printed using one of the earliest photographic techniques developed in 1842; A non-toxic, eco-friendly printmaking process.

Valerie O’Regan

This page is part of Coastal Knowledge, an online exhibition mapping some of the amazing places on the coast of Scotland.  It includes pictures, memories, artworks, stories and videos submitted by a variety of people including scientists, artists, coastal dwellers, tourists, and community organisations.  We want to share the beauty of the Scottish coast, but also its vital role in the day-to-day lives of people in Scotland- for example, its many industrial roles.

This exhibition is dynamic and ongoing- and we’d love for you to share contributions for it too!  To learn more and submit your own coastal knowledge, visit the main page of the exhibition.

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