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The Ticking Time Bomb of Antimicrobial Resistance

By 8th June 2016 No Comments

RtH stock image plate cultureThe Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1.30pm-5pm

In collaboration with The Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI), The Young Academy of Scotland (Industry, Health & Wellbeing, and Research the Headlines Working Groups) will hosted a series of Exhibitions and interactive sessions on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

Exhibitions Open to Public

Workshop: Exploring Stakeholder Perspectives in Antimicrobial Resistance

Expert Panel Debate

Manned by leading members of Scotland’s scientific community, there was a range of exhibits on offer from introducing bugs, their growth and resistance, to displaying and showcasing some of Scotland’s latest technologies in the field. The exhibitions, organized by the YAS Industry Working Group, provided a vibrant forum for knowledge exchange as companies and academics presented their latest technologies and advancements in the battle against AMR.

 In addition, The Young Academy of Scotland Working Group, Research The Headlines, held a one-off workshop on ‘Exploring Stakeholder Perspectives in Antimicrobial Resistance’. This workshop explored how antimicrobial resistant infections are portrayed in the media and how these stories are not always representative of the science they report. The workshops discussed the science that underpins the antimicrobial resistance problem and also allowed participants to discuss antimicrobial resistance from the perspectives of a range of stakeholders.

There was also an Expert Panel Debate, led by the Health and Wellbeing Working Group, which offered participants the chance to hear from some of Scotland’s distinguished leaders within Antimicrobial Resistance.