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Arts and Humanities at the Parliament

This event will discuss the question “How can Arts and Humanities research and practice contribute to Scotland’s future by helping to address the challenges facing our AHsociety?“. By showcasing inspiring projects and initiatives which have put theory into practice, realising the collaboration- and capacity-building potential of cultural and creative work. The event also aims to foster public discussion of the contribution of the Humanities and Arts in relation to major societal challenges, and of how we might realise that contribution better in a post-Referendum Scotland.    


Event Name: Arts and Humanities at the Parliament

Venue: Fairfax Somerville Room, The Scottish Parliament

Time: 6pm -8pm

Date: 8 October 2014





18:00                  Welcome: Anne Schwan,RSE Young Academy of Scotland (YAS), Clare Adamson MSP, Humza Yousaf  MSP

18:10                  Panel Discussion


Aileen Fyfe (YAS) – Chair


Rob Dunbar (University of Edinburgh)

Fiona Watson (University of the Highlands and Islands)

Pauline McLean (BBC Scotland)

Chris Whatley (University of Dundee)


Chris Dalglish (YAS) – Closing remarks


19:00        Exhibition/Networking – 8 projects and organisations will be on display around the room with canapés and wine available.

20:00        Close