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Research the Headlines addresses the way in which research is discussed and portrayed in the media. Each post takes recent media coverage of a piece of research as a starting point, and allows readers to get to a better understanding of what was really done, and what it might mean for them, from an expert but independent position. The blog is intended to be of interest to those with and without any training in research.

In addition to our regular posts, we launched a How to “Research the Headlines” series. Intended as a ‘10 top tips’ to “help [our readers] to get closer to the truth of any research reported in the media”. All 7 posts in this series can be viewed at: http://researchtheheadlines.org/category/how-to-tips/

Our intention is to:

  • Continue to post regularly on the Research the Headlines blog;
  • Use the How to “Research the Headlines” series as a foundation to run competitions in schools and universities;
  • Use the ethos of the blog (improving the interface between researches, the media and the public), to public engagement events (we have appplied to present a workshop at the Edinburgh International Science Festival).



Emeritus YAS members, Sinead Rhodes and Alan Gow are co-chairs of the WG, and  can be contacted on researchtheheadlines@youngacademyofscotland.org.uk

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