InternationalOur strategic plan defines International as: “Engage in outward-looking projects, and bring Scotland’s expertise to the world.' Many of our projects encompassing this theme are undertaken in partnership with our sister Young Academies worldwide.  Representative of YAS participate in annual meetings of the European Young Academies and Worldwide Young Academies to inform our international colleagues of our work, and learn about the work being undertaken by our international counterparts. 

Many of our own projects also include an international element, and we seek to be outward-looking in all our work.  

To explore some of our International projects, please see below: 

Brexit Report and Observatory


One year on from the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the EU, the Young Academy of Scotland released a report giving an overview of how ‘Brexit’ will affect many aspects of Scottish society.  This report may be found here.  

YAS is also currently collecting case studies on the impact of Brexit on research, innovation, and higher education.  We released a preliminary report of our findings here, but continue to welcome submissions.  

University-Prison Partnerships in International Perspective


This workshop explored how universities across the globe are engaging those in prison and criminal justice settings. With participants from over ten Universities, the workshop offered a forum to learn about innovative practices and to share ideas about developing these and maximising impact. It featured keynote presentations by Professor Lori Pompa (Temple University, USA), who founded the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Programme, a programme in which university courses are taught in prisons and attended both by (outside) university students and (inside) prisoner students; and Professor Fiona Measham (Durham University) who has overseen the very first application of this initiative in the UK. 

For more information about this YAS event, please see this article.  

A Question for Europe


A joint project between YAS and six other European young academies, A Question for Europe was a competition which asked participants to submit creative answers to the question “who gets carried away by Europe.”  Winning entries included a short story about refugees in the Mediterranean, an academic report, and a photo journal.  To read more about this competition visit this article.  


Our Members

Dr S. Karly Kehoe was YAS co-chair from 2014-2016 and is now the Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Communities at Saint Mary’s University in Canada. When she joined the Young Academy of Scotland, she was a senior lecturer in History at Glasgow Caledonian University.

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