International Links

Working Group Remit
Our remit is to develop productive international links. We define productive as being open to best practice from elsewhere and to our willingness to buy into international links in meaningful ways.

The overall aims of this group are to raise the profile of YAS abroad, to work with our fellow young academies around the world to ensure that Scotland is represented in discussions; to become more involved with trans-national activities surrounding research, public engagement and policy development.

The objective will be to ensure YAS international links are further developed and maintained to strengthen collaborations and also to raise the profile and visibility of YAS.

This group has two threads:
1) to coordinate collaborations with the other young academies in Europe and around the world;
2) to focus on 5 ‘issue strands’ which are tentatively Multiculturalism, Environmental Protection policy, Health, Finance and European Constitutional Issues.


Examples of projects include the Prize question for Europe collaboration with YAS members as required collaborate with other WGs (namely Education, Research the Headlines, Industry, Health and Wellbeing), presentation of YAS an annual meeting of the representatives of the European young academies and developing/contributing to policy papers on our 5 strands (each member will lead on one of these areas for the group).
The IL group will be presenting a workshop at the upcoming Global Young Academies (GYA) meeting, and some of our members (including both co-leads) are members of the GYA.


S. Karly Kehoe, (co-lead)
Stefan Hild, (co-lead)

More information about the young academy movement worldwide here. 

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