Our strategic plan defines Equal as: ‘promote equality and justice between peoples and nations.’ YAS values equality and diversity, and is proud of the equal gender split of the current membership.  We strive to make our recruitment process fair and open, and encourage applications, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or any other protected characteristics.  In 2016, we introduced our At-Risk Academic and Refugee membership scheme to encourage displaced peoples to join YAS, and we have committed to continuing this initiative for at least the next two application rounds.

In addition to maintaining a diverse and equal membership, many of our activities promote equality and justice in Scotland and worldwide.

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YAS at Edinburgh Pride 2019

YAS is proud to be taking part in the 2019 Edinburgh Pride March, on the 22nd June, alongside the Royal Society of Edinburgh.  Anyone wishing to join the march under the YAS/RSE banner is welcome to do so.

YAS Mentoring Schemes

YAS has partnered with The Robertson Trust to offer mentoring opportunities to Robertson Trust ‘Journey to Success‘ scholars.  YAS members will be paired with the scholars to help them prepare for graduation, develop their CV, and secure an internship.

Applying for Academic Jobs as a Refugee or Displaced Migrant

In February 2019 YAS hosted a training day specifically for ARAR (at-risk academic and refugee) members of YAS together with the wider refugee academic community. The focus of the training day was simple: to help attendees secure an academic a job in the UK. The programme included sessions on: what makes a successful research award application; the Higher Education policy landscape (including explaining the jargon used in higher education); drafting applications; mock academic interviews; and development planning.

The workshop was hugely successful, with positive feedback from all participants, and future similar events are planned.

Thematic Lead

Clare Taylor
Clare is a Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology in the School of Applied Sciences at Edinburgh Napier University. Her research focusses on understanding and exploiting bacteria, such as Listeria and Salmonella, to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to help reduce antimicrobial resistance.