The Young Academy of Scotland conducts its work through a range of Working Groups, interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers, academics and professionals. The Young Academy is unique in its strong interdisciplinary approach; our members are oppointed from academia, business and third sector organisations with no limitations on their subject area. This provides a comprehensive background from which members produce effective and informed collaborative output. 

The Working Groups have clear objectives and focus on distinct issues relevant to society. Their proactive approach is reflected in their work, with output including government consultations, debates and workshops, as well as interactive media such as blogs and videos. The Young Academy engages with a range of organisations and institutions, participating in events with some of Scotland's most prominent figures and policy-makers.

Excellence in Education

EducationThis group aims to assess teaching resources currently available to teachers and draw upon YAS expertise to develop teaching resources to enable teachers to make full use of the interdisciplinary possibilities of CfE. 

Co-leads: Patrick Harkness, Andrew Manches

Open Data

Open DataThis group contributes to the ongoing and important discussion of sharing and protection of data links. This is linked closely with almost every aspect of society including economic growth and identity. We intend the term 'data' broadly, to include information and understanding.

Lead: Ian Overton

Health and WellbeingHealth and Wellbeing

The activities of the working group is influenced by the breadth of the members’ own backgrounds, from industry, NHS, law, arts, sciences and social sciences. We are keen, as a group, to connect with others to think about health in different ways.

Co-Leads: Elizabeth Fairly

Computing in Schools

ComputingThis group works on specific projects aimed at promoting awareness and understanding of Computer Science in schools. This WG would aim to work alongside organisations and utilise the advantages of the YAS to contribute to improving computer literacy.

Lead: Fiona McNeill

Arts, Humanities and Society

AHThis Group aims to catalyse collaboration between disciplines within the Arts & Humanities and with colleagues in the Social Sciences and Sciences. It also looks to cultivate collaboration between researchers and practitioners in different sectors, with the specific purpose of more fully realising the contribution which Arts & Humanities research and practice can make in society.

  Co-leads: Mirko Canevaro

 Industry Working Group

Industry cropped
This group's interests lie in innovation, entrepreneurship, development of working skills, healthy worklife balance, industry influence in schools and policy.

Co-leads: Lysimachos Zografos


Research The Headlines

rth logoThe blog ‘Research the Headlines’ discusses how research is portrayed in the media.  Each post usually takes recent media coverage of a piece of research as a starting point, with the aim of asking for evidence and communicating what the research means to the general public from an expert but independent position.

Co-leads: Sinead Rhodes, Alan Gow

International Links

International Links croppedThis group aims to develop productive international links. The overall aims of this group are to raise the profile of YAS abroad, and to work with fellow young academies around the world.

                                      Co-Leads: Karly Kehoe, Stefan Hild

 Food and Drink

haggisThe aim of this working group is to encourage engagement and collaboration with food and drink research in Scotland across universities and sectors, connecting academic researchers with the food and drink industry, public policymakers, charitable organisations, and the general public.

Co-Leads: Helen Bridle

Knowledge and Power

knowledge is power blocks
This working group aims to enhance communication between policy-makers and export bodies; to scrutinise and improve interactions between centres of knowledge and centres of power.

                               Co-Leads: Alice Konig, Maria Dornelas

Our Members

Jennifer Hastie is a Research Team Leader at the Institute of Photonics, University of Strathclyde with a main interest in optically-pumped semiconductor disk lasers (SDLs, also known as VECSELs) for high spatial and spectral brightness and broad tunability at novel wavelengths.

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