Tomorrow . . . Reimagining Our World

Children’s Voice Competition Exhibition

The world is going through very challenging times! Climate change, Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic, racism and the refugee crisis are just a few of the issues we hear about every day. But there are also lots of exciting innovations and opportunities which make it possible to imagine a brighter future.

Every couple of years, the Young Academy of Scotland sets out five Grand Challenges to help us focus the work we do, building a future for everyone that is healthier, smarter, more equal and sustainable. Following up on YAS’s film Our Future Scotland (2018), we held a competition to encourage children to share their vision for the future. We want young people to help us decide what our next Grand Challenge will be!

We invited children aged 8 – 14 to capture their vision digitally by using any technique and media (drawing, writing, collage, photography, etc). Judged by a panel of Young Academy members, some of the outstanding entries are presented in this online exhibition featuring the stimulating creativity and fantastic problem-solving minds of young people.

The YAS Children’s Voice competition prizes were generously sponsored by CMS Scotland.

8 – 11 Year Old

Housing the Homeless

Justine M
Age 10

How Animals Help Humans

Millie F
Age 11

Fast Forward Into Future Scotland

Julia S
Age 8

Educational Equality During Lockdown

Daphne A
Age 11

Bee Friendly Scotland

Eden C
Age 8

I Believe We Can

Talvin J
Age 11

Tomorrow…Reimagining our World

Peadar O
Age 10

My Solutions

Lewis P
Age 10

No More!

Caleb J
Age 11

12-14 Year Old

Re-Cycle: Scotland On Wheels

Anna Faith S
Age 14

Yes To Earth No To Plastic

Rubin L
Age 12

Bullet Trains and Basketball Bins

Seid M
Age 13

Litter Crisis

Sarah R
Age 12


Andrew S
Age 12

Help The Homeless…The Vulnerable

Yi Lin Q
Age 14


Anya H
Age 12