Scotland Cares

Sharing stories of informal care from across Scotland

Photo of happy family with child who uses a wheelchair.

Sharing the untold Stories of caring across Scotland

About Us

Welcome to Scotland Cares, a project by the RSE Young Academy of Scotland supported by a number of Universities, researchers and charities across Scotland. We’re looking for stories of informal care. An informal carer is any friend or family member supporting another person due to illness, disability or a mental or physical health conditions.

Project plan

Stage 1: Insights Gathering

We’re currently sharing a short survey to gather insights from carers throughout Scotland. We want to hear about carers achievements, favourite places, and future hopes. Carers can choose to remain anonymous or share their details.

You can find the survey here:

Carers’ Survey

Stage 2: Storytelling Sessions

In the second stage in 2024, we’ll hold group storytelling sessions at in-person events across the country. Expert storytellers will bring these stories to life. Our goal is to compile these narratives into booklets and online/in-person exhibitions.

Why Share YOur Caring Story?

  • Celebrating the caring role: We are collating caring stories because we would like to see greater recognition and celebration of carers contribution to society. This is particularly important at a time where the nation is building up ideas and plans for a National Care Service.
  • Raise Awareness: Share your experiences to increase awareness of carers challenges and hopes.
  • Support One Another: Your stories can inspire and unite carers across Scotland.
  • Drive Positive Change: Together, we can create an interactive narrative for a better future through engagement, co-creation, and positive change.

Join Us in Celebrating Caring Across Scotland

Share Your Caring Story now by filling out our Carers’ Survey!

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