YAS and COP26

COP26 might be over – but the work is only just beginning. The COP26 summit brought leaders from around the world together in Scotland with the aim of agreeing on actions to avoid harmful levels of climate change. Now the UK is holding the COP Presidency, meaning it has an important role in putting the COP26 pledges into practice and leading the work towards COP27 in Egypt at the end of 2022.

Having the COP Presidency in the UK throughout 2022 is an excellent opportunity not only to show the world what we are doing on climate change, but also to energise discussions locally about what climate change means for Scotland and what we can and should do in response. As an organisation bringing together early- to mid-career professionals across a diverse range of sectors and working under an ethos of responsible and knowledge-driven debate, we would like to think that YAS is well-placed to inform the kinds of long-term, trans-disciplinary and evidence-based ways of working that climate change requires.

Whilst our YAS COP activities will span a breadth of platforms and formats, we’ll use this section on the YAS website as a focal point for hosting blog posts and links to other media. We’re using the hashtag #YASClimate to tag in our members’ climate-related activities on Twitter, and would encourage anyone reading to use the hashtag too to draw our attention to issues or events you think we should get involved with. Likewise, if there’s a climate change-related topic you feel we should be tackling, let us know and we’ll see what our members can do!


We have launched a YAS Sustainable Business Travel Pledge for individuals whose work traditionally involves significant amounts of long-distance travel, and where final decisions about when and where to travel are often made by the individual rather than the employer (especially those working in academia and other research-oriented organisations).

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