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YAS urges policymakers to protect the Health and Wellbeing of Scotland’s people in Brexit negotiations

By 27th September 2018 No Comments

MPs and MSPs should act to protect the interests of Scotland during Brexit negotiations – according to a new report by the RSE Young Academy of Scotland

The report, titled BREXIT: The Impact on Scotland, Health and Wellbeing Edition, has been published six months before the March 2019 deadline for the UK’s withdrawal from Europe and makes a total of 19 recommendations for politicians and policy makers in Scotland.

Scotland’s leading young entrepreneurs, professionals and academics have published a report consisting of 9 articles on the impact of the Brexit vote on health and wellbeing in Scotland.

Each article in the report seeks to assess how communities, organisations and policymakers might face up to the challenges presented by Brexit in Scotland and how to make the best of any opportunities.

Areas covered by the articles include: the NHS, Food and Drink, Nursing, Infectious Disease, Water Quality, Research and Innovation, Migrant Health Services, Linguistic Intolerance and Higher Education.


The articles were written by members of the Young Academy of Scotland (YAS), each of whom has extensive expertise in each specific area. These authors also contributed to a set of 19 recommendations for stakeholders and policymakers on the impact of Brexit in Scotland. Highlights from these recommendations include:

  • Scotland should support the recruitment and retention of European and international healthcare students, researchers and clinical practitioners to address workforce shortages by streamlining immigration and visa regulations and ensuring accessible routes to permanent residency and citizenship.
  • Scotland should safeguard the working conditions of all healthcare staff in the public and private sector by retaining EU employment law.
  • Scotland should protect natural resources such as water and air quality, essential for human, animal and environmental health by strengthening cross-border cooperation and investment in these critical areas.
  • Scotland must negotiate to remain part of the EU internal market so Scottish based businesses can continue to be competitive in selling healthcare products and services across Europe.

A full online version of the report can be found here.

Hard copies are available from

In addition to this report, YAS published an initial Brexit Impact Report in September 2017 outlining how Brexit might affect other sectors in Scotland outside of health and wellbeing.

YAS also published a series of case studies called the ‘Brexit Observatory’ in October 2017. These summarise the impact of the Brexit vote on individuals from Scotland working in further/higher education, research and innovation.