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YAS supports Debora Kayembe in her fight against racism

By 28th July 2020 No Comments

We are extremely distressed to learn of the hateful, racist abuse* that one of our members, Debora Kayembe, has experienced in her home and we fully support her in her quest for justice.

Incidents like this demonstrate the work that needs to be done to achieve equality in Scotland. YAS stands with the Black Lives Matter movement. We are committed to promoting equality and justice in Scotland and worldwide, through self-scrutiny and change throughout our institution, and in the active work and projects that our members undertake.

New Scots contribute hugely to the culture, politics, economy, and communities of Scotland. Debora – and all of YAS’s At-Risk Academic and Refugee Members – exemplify this with their outstanding leadership. YAS identified “Scotland’s people can thrive” as one of our grand challenges to address over the next two years: our vision for Scotland is inclusive, welcomes diversity, and provides equality of opportunity.

We are proud to have Debora as a YAS member.

*as reported in the Daily Record 28 July 2020

Portrait of Debora Kayembe, by I.D. Campbell.  Commissioned by the RSE as part of their exhibition, At Risk Academic Refugees: A Portrait.