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YAS support for alternative proposal for Scottish Asylum Support and Accommodation provision

By 27th May 2022 No Comments

The RSE Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) supports the alternative proposal for Scottish Asylum Support and Accommodation provision put forward by the Scottish Refugee Council and Refugees for Justice.

As we have demonstrated in our previous statements on the Afghanistan crisis and the invasion of Ukraine, YAS believes that Scotland has a responsibility to provide a safe haven for those who have fled violence, persecution or unsafe conditions. This includes not only providing a safe home, but also ensuring refugees and people seeking asylum are aware of their rights and how to exercise them, empowered to contribute to decision making that affects them, and enabled to participate in their new communities.

When vulnerable populations are isolated from local communities and faced with unnecessary barriers to integration, they are not only unable to participate, but also deprived of dignity and safety.
YAS firmly believes that refugees and people seeking asylum have great knowledge, talent, and expertise to contribute to Scotland’s prosperity. The success of our At-Risk Academic and Refugee Professionals (ARAR) membership programme has confirmed this belief; when support is provided to new Scots to access local networks, these individuals are able to make meaningful contributions to the prosperity of their local and national communities.

Recent crises, including those in Afghanistan and Ukraine, have demonstrated the willingness and enthusiasm of Scottish people to welcome refugees and support them to become involved in our communities. The Scottish Government, the charity sector and community groups are prepared to collaborate and deliver a local asylum accommodation and support model, consistent with The New Scots refugee integration strategy. YAS adds its voice to this call for a collaborative and progressive approach to refugee integration for the benefit of individual refugees and Scottish society.