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YAS members contribute to "Fresh scientific eyes on the refugee crisis"

On 10-11 December 2015, the Global Young Academy (GYA) and the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts will hold an interdisciplinary young experts meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on the refugee crisis to develop a vision document based on the latest evidence. The goal of this meeting on "Fresh Scientific Eyes on the Refugee Crisis" is to provide policy-makers and committed citizens with key insights and potential approaches to address aspects of the current refugee crisis.

YAS member Karly Kehoe, who is also a member of the GYA is involved in organising this meeting.  Another YAS member Jeffrey Murer, will participate and represent YAS at this conference.

The meeting will ask and seek to answer the following: How can different scientific disciplines contribute to address the current refugee crisis? For example, what can we learn from modeling the movement patterns of migrants? What clues do history and past experiences offer? What are the clever engineering solutions available to help facilitate the rapid provision of accommodation? How can social science and knowledge of countries of origin inform the ways in which refugees are supported? And how can we best meet refugees’ health and education needs?

For more information on this meeting, visit the GYA website, or the YAS Twitter and Facebook pages.

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