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YAS member Dr Theodore Koutmeridis gives TEDx talk on the “The Underground Economy”

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YAS member Dr Theodore Koutmeridis has delivered a Tedx talk about the economics of crime.

In this talk, Dr Koutmeridis proposes a new link between opportunity and crime. He examines how innovation, labor market conditions and punishment influence illegal activity, and reveals that individuals respond to changes in the potential value of criminal opportunities. This connection between crime and prices appears to be a crucial but overlooked aspect of criminal behavior.

Dr Theodore Koutmeridis is a lecturer in economics at the University of St Andrews. He works on wage inequality and market failures, such as informational and financial frictions. His research investigates inequality between and within gender, examines the role of educational opportunities and centers on the increasing importance of labor market experience. He also works on the economics of crime, examines whether criminals respond to changes in prices and shows that they switch into these crimes that yield a higher return.

For more information about this Tedx talk, and to see more talks, visit the Tedx website.

Dr Theodore Koutmeridis’s related research is available here: