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YAS member Dr Stella Chan hosting ‘Adolescent Mental Health in Pakistan’ seminar

By 25th June 2015 No Comments

YAS member Dr Stella Chan will host a seminar on adolescent mental health in Pakistan on 2 July 2015, from 11-12:00.

This event, which is supported by the RSE, will feature Dr Amna Khalid,  lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the Department of Behavioral Sciences, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Pakistan.  Dr Khalid, who completed her PhD in Clinical Pschology at Edinburgh University, will examine the many challendges Pakistan faces in addressing adoslescents mental health.  She will present her research on the mental wellbeing of adolescents in Pakistan, and also provide reccomednations for future reserach in this area.

Click here read more about Dr Khalid and this event.  To register for the seminar, please contact Dr. Stella Chan as soon as possible.