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YAS member co-authors report on ‘Engaging with Parliament’

By 6th August 2018 No Comments

New YAS member and Director of the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA) Dr Allison Jackson has co-authored a report for academics who wish to engage with both the Scottish Parliament and Westminster.

The report provides an explanation on how the UK and Scottish Parliaments work and outlines a variety of ways citizens can engage with both bodies. This includes advice on contacting MPs and MSPs and guidelines for writing a good committee submission. The report also contains a list of programmes and organisations that help academics gain policy experience, including the RSE Young Academy of Scotland.
While the report is primarily aimed at researchers, it would be of interest to any professionals who are interested in the ways the UK and Scottish Parliaments work, and who wish to engage with policymakers.

The report may be downloaded for free via the SULSA website.