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YAS highlights importance of Freedom of Movement in wake of Parliamentary Brexit vote

By 16th January 2019 No Comments

Following the rejection of the Government’s proposed EU-withdrawal deal in the House of Commons, YAS has urged the UK Government to dispense with its “red line” on the ending of freedom of movement. In a position statement, YAS recommended the Government renew negotiations with the EU with an open mind to reach an acceptable outcome and avoid the damaging consequences of a no-deal Brexit.

YAS member Andy Gardner said ‘“No majority has voted for an end to freedom of movement, either in the 2016 EU referendum, or in the 2017 General Election, or in any Parliamentary vote. Freedom of movement is a precious, reciprocal right that mutually benefits the individual and the country in which they choose to make their home. It is crucial for the continued vitality of the UK — and Scotland in particular.”

The full statement is available here.