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YAS Annual General Meeting hosted by University of Stirling

The RSE Young Academy of Scotland’s annual general meeting took place last week in Stirling Management Centre, kindly hosted by the University of Stirling. The event was co-ordinated with the help of Dr Edward Duncan and Dr Christine Caldwell of the University of Stirling, who are also members of the Young Academy of Scotland.

Professor Burke, Deputy Principal for Research at the University of Stirling, opened the meeting by welcoming the Young Academy members. He emphasised the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to research and discussed several areas of shared interest between the YAS and the University.

Dr Edward Duncan commented: “The Young Academy is well connected through an established network of Young Academies worldwide, which provides excellent opportunities for engagement and collaboration on an international level through participation in conferences, workshops, competitions and symposia with our sister academies. During their meeting at Stirling the participants were joined by colleagues from the German, Dutch, Swedish and Global Young Academies to address the most challenging issues facing society in Scotland and beyond.”

YAS AGM August 2013 007


Pictured are the outgoing and incoming Co-Chairs of the Young Academy, with Professor Edmund Burke. From left: Aileen Fyfe, Ineke De Moortel, Neil McLennan, Prof Burke, Karen Lorimer, Alan Gow and Patrick Harkness.