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Unofficial blue plaques created to commemorate women in STEM

By 29th November 2019 No Comments

Women in STEM were commemorated recently with a series of unofficial blue plaques created by faculty at the University of Edinburgh. YAS member Dr Siobhan O’Connor, who works at the intersection of nursing and technology and is an avid STEM Ambassador, collaborated on a university-wide initiative to celebrate and recognise notable women who have contributed to STEM, creating an unofficial blue plaque dedicated to Mairi Chisholm.

Mairi Chisholm was a Scottish war nurse and national heroine of World War I. Siobhan ran a YAS event in November 2018, in collaboration with the Royal Society of Edinburgh, celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War I and nurse’s contribution to this important historical event. This story-telling event featured Dr Diane Atkinson who read excerpts from her biography on Mairi Chisholm and Elsie Knocker. These brave women worked as nurses on the front lines of WWI in Belgium for three years and were highly decorated for saving the lives of thousands of soldiers.

Several unofficial blue plaques were created by a team at the University of Edinburgh to address the lack of recognition women receive for their work in STEM and their achievements that contribute to society at large. Along with a plaque paying tribute to Mairi Chisholm, there are nine other plaques made by the university’s UCreate studio, celebrating other notable women in STEM.These will be displayed at a number of locations on the university’s campus to celebrate women’s achievements and contributions in STEM.

Women Celebrated in this Campaign:

  • Mairi Chisholm
  • Ada Lovelace
  • Marguerite Stocker
  • Mabel Jones
  • Elizabeth Ross
  • Dorothy Buchanan
  • Emily Bovell
  • Merabi Vakil
  • Mary Somerville
  • Barbara Ayrton-Gould