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The First YAS Emeritus Dinner

On Tuesday 23rd May the Young Academy of Scotland hosted the first ever YAS Emeritus dinner at the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

The dinner was attended by several Emeritus members, as well as the current YAS Facilitating Group (FG) and YAS staff. The objective of the evening was to hear from members and learn more about their experiences within YAS, their motivations for applying for YAS and what we could provide, as an organisation, to Emeritus members.

It was a wonderful opportunity for Emeritus members to catch-up, with many coming from different parts of Scotland, and it was a great chance for current members in the FG to meet some of the original cohort. Conversation and laughter continued throughout our meal, hosted in the James Clerk Maxwell room at the RSE – we even got a look later on at the infamous hologram and a peek at some original drawings and writings by the man himself!

As YAS staff, it was incredibly helpful to hear some of the wonderful ideas and feedback from the first cohort on how YAS began and worked earlier on in its creation, but additionally I enjoyed getting to know our members, both Emeritus and FG, in an informal setting. Overall, the evening was a great success; we hope to run further events in the future for Emeritus members and our current YAS members will already be aware that we are working towards providing more social and informal activities for the current cohorts.

IMG 0916


     IMG 0919  

 The James Clerk Maxwell Hologram

  IMG 0920

Members looking at the Hologram