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St Andrews YAS members unveil Lockdown Tales documentary

By 26th November 2021 No Comments

YAS members at the University of St Andrews launched an initiative to present short online video stories focusing on the diversity of St Andrews staff experiences during the Covid-19 lockdown. “St Andrews Lockdown Tales” allowed colleagues from across the University community to explore, in their own voices, the broad spectrum of experiences during this extraordinary and testing time. The project focuses on new knowledge gained from this completely unique human experience by acknowledging the diversity of challenges and how our colleagues have adapted.

Documentary participants include University of St Andrews Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sally Mapstone, alongside research, teaching and support staff.

The project was led by YAS members Nathan Bailey, Ellen Garland, Tracey Gloster, and their colleague Ashley Pearson.  Their goals were to promote understanding of Covid-19’s different impacts on people from different backgrounds while showcasing the shared experience across our community and how it can lead to positive change.

Nathan Bailey commented: “Being forced to work from, and indeed, stay at home was a sudden and radical change for so many which affected everyone in different ways, depending on their own personal circumstances.

“We wanted to capture the stories of those who experienced this and how they managed to not only cope, but continue to provide a high-quality education and how that has led to positive change.”

For more information about this exciting project, visit the Lockdown Tales website.

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