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Scots Sharing Aspirational Advice


Many areas of young people’s lives benefit from having high aspirations;  education, employability, physical and mental health, citizenship and safer and stronger communities.   What advice made you aim high?  What advice would you give to raise a young person’s aspirations? 

Between the 5th of January (the day schools return from holidays) and the 28th of April (the first day of Scottish schools exams) the Young Academy of Scotland are asking all Scots to share a piece of advice to young people that will help them aim high, dream big, lift their aspirations and achieve their hopes and goals.  This can be new words of wisdom or the piece of advice which most motivated you. Together, everyone can lift up young people’s aspirations and make them happen. 

The Young Academy of Scotland Education group is highlighting the need to increase the aspirations of our young people.  By using photo messages from our members sharing short pieces of aspirational advice, with a hashtag, we are drawing attention to this major issue. There are many excellent role models and influential organisations in our society who can also help. The Young Academy of Scotland group knows that everyone in society has a role to play in raising the aspirations of young people. That includes education practitioners, parents, partners, personalities and pupil peers. 

Join with the Young Academy of Scotland by sharing your advice on Twitter and Facebook:

Twitter – #AspirationalAdvice @YoungAcademySco

Facebook – Young Academy of Scotland