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Patrick Harvie – 30th Jan 2014



The third ‘Politicians and the Professionals’ seminar saw Scottish Green Party leader, Patrick Harvie, speak of the opportunity independence could provide “to pursue a different economic model” which “prioritises equality and sustainability and supports small business and social enterprise”.

Acknowledging his party and supporters do not all share his pro-Independence stance, he insisted that the Scottish Greens offer a more balanced contribution to the debate: Independence would not be “Utopia”, he said, nor would it be “disaster”; “the truth is somewhere in between”. He urged all parties to engage honestly with the key issues and risks “to meet undecided voters on their own turf”.

He has been the most direct to date in addressing YAS’ plea to speakers to explore both the risks and opportunities of independence, although focussed on the economic and social angle rather than directly addressing the challenges in the Higher Education sector.

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The Speech

‘The Independence Referendum; and the Challenges and Opportunities for Creating a Sustainable Economy that Works for Everyone’release from Green Party


In the press

 Article in the Hearld- Yes vote ‘would give Scotland influence’ published 31.01.2014

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