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National Young Academies of Europe intensify collaboration

Representatives of almost all European national Young Academies met in Berlin on 30th/31st October, to set up a frame for future exchange and cooperation. At the German Young Academy’s invitation, members and heads of office of the Academies of Belgium (Flanders), Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, and Sweden discussed how joint forces could foster high-level interdisciplinary projects, intensify a pan-European science-society dialogue, and benefit the future of young scientists in Europe. Future projects like mentoring programs, working groups on higher education policies, and open labs furthering interdisciplinary creativity are envisaged.

The meeting follows joint efforts on European science policies, like a statement against the cutting of the European Research Council’s budget in 2012, as well as two cooperation projects of Young Academies in Europe: The photo contest “Visions and Images of Fascination” in 2013 received wide attention among the European scientific communities. At present, the Young Academies of Belgium (Flanders), Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, and Sweden are inviting tenders for the European Prize Question (; the deadline for submission is December 1, 2014.

The Young Academies of Europe will hold joint annual conventions; next year’s will be hosted by the Belgian (Flanders’) Young Academy, followed by the Polish Young Academy in 2016. The heads of office of the European Young Academies are invited for a meeting in Stockholm in spring 2015 by the Young Academy of Sweden.

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