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International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day

At the RSE Young Academy of Scotland we bring together a diverse community of people working across a broad range of disciplines, including arts, science & engineering, medicine, social justice and climate change. In line with the #BreakTheBias theme of International Women’s Day 2022, we are sharing the career stories of some of our women YAS members. We hope this will give a snapshot of the wide variety of jobs that women work in today, and inspire girls & young women into careers that they may not yet have considered. To illustrate part of their job, each member has also suggested a fun activity for you to try at home!

Special thanks to the STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Hub, who generously helped us to create this initiative.

Fiona Kerr

Lecturer in Molecular Pharmacology

I really enjoy being able to have an idea then designing an experiment to test it out in the lab– it’s amazing to see a new result for the first time and, for a short while, you’re the only person in the world who knows about it.

Ayse Cinar

Leadership & Wellbeing Coach / Trainer/Researcher/TEDX Organizer


I support busy and stressed women professionals to lead with impact while having time freedom via transformational coaching and resilient leadership training.

Aude Le Guennec

Assistant Professor in Fashion

I design research projects, and love networking to invite colleagues from all around the world to work alongside myself. I am also helping the fashion industry to innovate and design the future of our communities.

Claudia Duffy

European Patent Attorney

My favourite part of working with intellectual property (IP) is to see the effect IP rights have on protecting the ideas & innovations of the founders of new companies.

Delma Childers

Lecturer in Medical Sciences


I love to travel, bake, and try to keep indoor plants alive. I’ve also been on a zero-G flight and consulted on a major Hollywood film.

Issraa Al-Obaidi

Research Associate in Drug Delivery


My Mum played an important role in building my personality. She is strong, patient and kind. We were 6 siblings and my mum took care of us while working as a teacher in the school.

Ruth Bowness

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

My high school maths teacher, Mrs Smith, was just amazing and always made maths seem so beautifully simple. She really encouraged me during my A-levels and then when applying for university.

Margaret Cunningham

Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Pharmacology


During my apprenticeship I had many people who inspired me to continue my studies collectively. Every step of the way in my career I have been fortunate to have been surrounded with quality support and excellent male and female colleagues who have championed me and provided valuable encouragement.