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In memory of Stefania Spanò

By 4th September 2019 No Comments

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of our YAS colleague and friend Stefania Spanò.

Stefania was Professor of Microbiology, University of Aberdeen, and valued member of the Young Academy of Scotland since 2018.

Stefania grew up and graduated in Italy, obtaining a PhD in Life Sciences before moving to Yale University (Connecticut, USA) and then to Scotland.  At University of Aberdeen, she helped create the multidisciplinary Centre for Bacteria in Health and Disease, of which she was the Director.

She was a pioneering researcher in the molecular mechanisms underlying bacterial infections, focusing on typhoid fever, a disease that affects millions of people and kills more than 200,000 every year. A central focus of Stefania’s research was to understand why some people are immune to the bacteria that causes Typhoid Fever, Salmonella typhi, and then use that knowledge to help prevent or cure the disease.  She won a highly competitive European Research Consolidator 5-year grant in 2016 to support this work.

Our thoughts are with Stefania’s family at this very difficult time.  Details of memorial arrangements will be communicated to YAS members as soon as they are available.