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Addressing Hate and Violence Workshop at RSE

Young Academy of Scotland members Jeffrey Murer and Asif Ishaq have organised a one-day workshop on Addressing Hate and Violence: The Scottish Experience of Communities & Complexity. This workshop seeks to explore what can be done to garner the support of ever-larger and diverse groups and communities in the efforts to prevent violence, build stronger, more enduring social relationships and, ultimately, build more peaceful societies. This initial meeting will bring together community activists, police practitioners, representatives from central and local government and local community stakeholders from a range of groups,institutions and backgrounds. Keynote remarks will be from the Scottish Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Mr. Kenny MacAskill

PROGRAMME: Addressing Hate and Violence Workshop

This event will take place on Monday, 8th of July 2013 at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. To reserve your place please contact Abdul Rahim ( or Jeffrey Murer (

GCU Welcomes RSE Young Academy of Scotland
Launch Event for Lab Notes at RSE


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Dr Ik Siong Heng is a physicist at the University of Glasgow. His main research focuses on gravitational wave astronmy. Gravitational waves, predicted by Einstein in his theory of General Relativity, are ripples in the fabric of the universe we live in (aka spacetime). These gravitational ripples will uncover the mysteries that lie in the darkest, densest regions of the Universe.

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