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A One Health Approach to Tackle Toxoplasmosis

toxoplasmosis-small Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite which can be very dangerous to those with compromised immune systems.

On 4 April, YAS held an interdisciplinary workshop to discuss the current impact of toxoplasmosis in the UK and how we might prioritise areas for prevention and control strategies.

Several questions are driving the need for this event:

  1. What is the risk of Toxoplasma infection in the UK?
  2. What are the main transmission routes of infection?
  3. Should we initiate a Toxoplasmosis screening programme during pregnancy?
  4. How important is a one health approach to tackling toxoplasmosis
  5. What can we learn from the experiences of other countries?

Outcome: an YAS / RSE report summarising the workshop discussions and making recommendations for Scotland

Details of the speakers from this event and more information about toxoplasmosis may be found in the event programme.  A YAS report on the results of this workshop is forthcoming.

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