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Women in science Wikipedia edit-a-thon

By 14th May 2019 No Comments

Wikipedia is the largest open knowledge resource in human history. This free, online, multilingual encyclopaedia is one of the most popular sources of information worldwide. However, Wikipedia has significant gaps in the topics it covers. Currently, less than 18% of biographies on the platform are about women. This information gap silences women’s contribution to science as they become less visible in public life.

On 13 May, YAS teamed up with the University of Edinburgh and Wikimedia UK to hold a Women in Science Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon.  Participants were trained to create and edit Wikipedia pages, and then put their new knowledge to work by creating and updating as many Wikipedia biographies of female scientists as possible.  The event focused on biographies of women featured in the RSE’s Women in Science in Scotland photography exhibition.

After completing the training session, which was run by University of Edinburgh Wikimedia in Residence Ewan McAndrew, participants got to work creating and updating pages.  The results of the updating session are below.

Attendees created Wikipedia biographies for the following female scientists:

More information about all the women featured in the RSE’s Women in Science in Scotland exhibition may be found here.