Victoria Martin

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Dr Victoria Martin is a Reader in particle physics at the University of Edinburgh.  Victoria obtained her BSc in Mathematical Physics and PhD in Particle Physics from the University of Edinburgh, before spending five years in the USA as a researcher at Northwestern University in Illinois. 
Victoria now leads the Higgs boson research team at the University of Edinburgh.  Victoria and her team work as part of the ATLAS experiment collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European laboratory for particle physics, in Geneva, Switzerland, where the Higgs particle was discovered in 2012.   The current focus of Victoria's research is to better understand how the Higgs boson particle behaves. 
Victoria also teaches physics to undergraduate and postgraduate students and gives regular talks around Scotland about particle physics and the Higgs boson.

Areas of Interest
Physics and Astronomy
University of Edinburgh
Key words
Particle Physics, Higgs boson

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