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Ulrich Schmiedel

Areas of Interest: Philosophy and Theology

Keywords: Theology politics faith-based activism ethics Religion migration theology and philosophy

Ulrich Schmiedel is Lecturer in Theology, Politics and Ethics at the University of Edinburgh, where he also works as Deputy Director of the Centre for Theology and Public Issues. He specializes in political and public theology which means that he is interested in religion in the public sphere. Most of his recent research has been concerned with the significance of religion for migrant and post-migrant societies, particularly in Europe.

Prior to his appointment at Edinburgh, Ulrich was Lecturer in Systematic Theology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in Munich, Germany. He completed his doctorate in theology at the University of Oxford, after studying theology, sociology and hermeneutics at Glasgow and Stirling as well as Leipzig and Halle-Wittenberg.

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Victoria Loughlan
She designs and delivers interactive and visual ‘big picture thinking’ sessions for senior officials. These sessions focus on addressing key policy challenges, teasing out their interdependencies, and situating them in their global context.

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