Tracey Gloster

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Tracey Gloster is a Wellcome Trust funded fellow based at the University of St Andrews. Her research focuses on understanding the structure, mechanism, and function of carbohydrate processing enzymes, primarily those that are involved in health and disease.

Tracey graduated with a PhD from the University of York in 2006, and subsequently moved to Simon Fraser University (Canada) from 2008-2011 with a Sir Henry Wellcome post-doctoral fellowship. She returned to the UK in 2012 with a Wellcome Trust Research Career Development fellowship held at the University of St Andrews. She was awarded the Biochemical Society Early Career Research Award in 2012 and the L’Oreal UK and Ireland Fellowship For Women In Science Fellowship in 2013.

Areas of Interest
Cell and Molecular Biology
University of St Andrews
Key words
biochemistry, structural biology, enzymology, glycobiology

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