Stuart Reid

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Stuart Reid is a Reader and Royal Society Industry Fellow at the University of the West of Scotland.  He obtained his PhD from the University of Glasgow in 2006, developing novel mirror technology for use in gravitational wave detectors – instruments designed to observe the most violent events in our Universe, such as black holes colliding.

Reid has transferred aspects of these precision measurement techniques from astrophysics into the areas of biology and medicine.  This includes co-leading a breakthrough in promoting bone growth from mesenchymal stem cells and developing optical filter technology for enhancing the world’s fastest, low power CO2 sensors (from Scottish company, GSS Ltd) for capnography - monitoring exhaled CO2 during anesthesia.

Areas of Interest
Physics and Astronomy
University of the West of Scotland
Key words
Gravitational waves

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Dr. Mhairi Towler is the founder and Director of Vivomotion (www.vivomotion.co.uk), a multi-award winning animation production company based in Dundee. The company offers a service of bespoke animations for scientific communication as well as training courses on the visual presentation of science.

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